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Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Back to the Grind

Ugh - work has been killer, and it's affected my posting and reading of blogs! Damn, that job.

Anyway, life is actually pretty good. I am tired - not getting enough sleep for some reason or another. I am back into the work routine - up at 5:45 AM, at work by 7:00, home (maybe) by 6:00, dinner, some TV, maybe a few chapters of reading, to bed by 9:30, repeat. Don is on a bit of a hiatus while the NFL playoffs happen, although he'll be off to Phoenix on 1/26 for 10 days to cover the Super Bowl. I will join him on 1/31 for 5 days, so I still have to make reservations for the dogs at a kennel and figure out what to pack!! I am still hoping for a Cowboy/Colts game, but we will see.

Work is really busy - my first 3 days back I logged over 30 hours, and it doesn't look like it's going to get any easier. I haven't been sleeping well - mostly because I wake up sweating, even though it's 60 degrees in our bedroom. I figure if I can get a few nights' good sleep, it will solve everything. I need at least two huge mugs of coffee to wake me up.

This weekend should be a bit of a break with no real commitments. There are errands and chores, but we can do that together. We'll have time to to do something with the dogs and I will be able to get into the gym - at least for an aqua aerobics class.

Nothing like getting back into the movement to, well, actually, move forward...

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